Trilogy Box Set Files


Hey, I thought Marathon needed serial numbers!
The versions released with the Trilogy Box Set were stripped of the serial number code. These will work fine - as long as you're not trying to play with folks who are using older versions.

Wow... can I do whatever I want with this stuff?
NO. Bungie still holds the copyrights to these files. They're allowing them to be distributed for free (mostly because you can't buy them any more) - but they're still Bungie's intellectual property. You can't, for example, sell them.

How about <some file here> - is that available?
The floodgates are open. If there's a Marathon-related file that you've always wanted, but couldn't find (and it's not at the Archives or at Fileball), we'll be happy to put it up. Just drop us a line. (Likewise, if there's a question we haven't answered, go ahead and send it along.)

Hey - what do I need to run this stuff?
If you want to run the raw Mac files, you'll need pretty much any Mac made since 1995, or a Windows emulator capable of simulating one of these. If you want to run any of the files under Aleph One, you'll need (on the Mac side) 25 MB of RAM, maybe 100 MB of disk space, and at least a 68040 processor. On the Windows side, it looks like anything back to a 486 should do (I don't know for sure; there's minimal system requirement info on the A1/SDL page, and I can't find anything on OrbitalArm or Marathon Open Source, either). In any case, any computer built in the last, say, 7 years should be safe.

I really want more info about Marathon, and running it on my computer! Where can I go?
There are a number of sites devoted to this game:


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